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Happy Thanksgiving from OIA

A full cornucopia The Organization of Istanbul Armenians, its governing boards, councils, committees, and clubs thank you for your support throughout this year and wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving Read more

OIA/ Thanksgiving Dinner 2013 (SS) (Photo Album)

OIA Board and Committees 2012-2013 (SS)

OIA/ Thanksgiving Dinner 2012 (SS)

Medal Ceremony of the AGBU World Games 2012

Medal Ceremony of the AGBU world games took place on Saturday August 2, 2012. OIA Bolis team table tennis player Varujan Jamagochian

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OIA BOLIS Basketball Team II made it to the Semi Final tour

OIA BOLIS Basketball Team II made it to  the Semi Final tour after beating AGBU Toronto by 15 points. They will play against AGBU Pasadena Team  I tomorrow to qualify for the Final Game. Game time is 8 PM at Pasadena High school.

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July 28, 2012 ‘OIA-Bolis Teams’ Results

July 28, 2012  "OIA-Bolis Teams"  Results     Men's Basketball Valley 1 vs. OIA BOLIS -2   Women's Volleyball Valley 2 vs. OIA BOLIS  0-2 Women's Volleyball Valley 1 vs. OIA BOLIS  0-2

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July 29, 2012 ‘OIA-Bolis Teams’ Results

July 29, 2012  "OIA-Bolis Teams"  Results   Futsal (Indoor soccer) Alexandria vs. OIA BOLIS  7-2 Men's Basketball Pasadena 3 vs. OIA BOLIS -1   Futsal (Indoor soccer) OIA BOLIS  vs. Montevide  

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July 30, 2012 ‘OIA-Bolis Teams’ Results

July 30, 2012  "OIA-Bolis Teams"  Results   Futsal (Indoor soccer) OIA BOLIS  vs. Montevideo   Men's Basketball Valley 2 vs. OIA BOLIS-1   Men's Basketball Buenos Aires vs. OIA BOLIS-2   Table Tennis N/A

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OIA teams , AGBU world game schedules

  Day Date Time Team(s) Location Men's Basketball Saturday July 28, 2012 12:00pm Valley 1 vs. OIA BOLIS -2 PHS Gym B

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