Esayan Alumni Committee Activity

OIA/ Thanksgiving Dinner 2012 (SS)

Formation of Esayan Alumni Committee

  On Wednesday, July 10, 2012, the OIA YGIA COMMITTEE held their annual election 2012-2013, and the following members were elected to serve on the committee:     Aline Donigian                 Chairlady Alice Reisian                     Vice-Chairlady Janet Koseyan                  

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OIA Esayan Pajagi Bah 2012 (SS)

OIA Appreciation Dinner 12/9/2011 (SS)

OIA Esayan Pajagi Bah #103 (SS)

OIA Esayan Pajagi Bah #101 (SS)

OIA Esayan Pajagi Bah #102 (SS)

Passing of Mrs. Araksi kazan

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Mrs. Araksi Kazan (1929-2010) The Mother of Mrs. Zaruhi Hacikian(Member of OIA Eseyan

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OIA/ Esayan 2009 101 (Pix By SS)

  • Esayan Pajagi bah 1001.JPG
  • Esayan Pajagi bah 1002.JPG
  • Esayan Pajagi bah 1003.JPG
  • Esayan Pajagi bah 1004.JPG
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OIA/ Esayan 2009 102 (Pix By SS)

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    Alin Donigian
    Vice Chairlady
    Diana Canik    
    Lucy Izmitliyan 
    Mari Hacikian
    Vice Treasurer
    Erika Kavcioglu
    Silva Balji
    Ilda Shakarian